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It is important to remember that the product ingredients are of a very high concentrate and optimum results are achieved using only a very small amount of each product. The treatments will obtain maximum results with the use of the specialist instruments developed by Margaret Dabbs using unique crushed crystal technology.

The Margaret Dabbs products are based on a key ingredient which is Australian organic Emu oil. The products are formulated by Margaret to work effectively on the skin of the feet to treat common foot conditions. Renowned for its healing properties, and aboriginal in origin, the Emu oil is easily absorbed into the skin’s dermal layers, has very low irritability, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, and is a known emollient. Lemon myrtle provides the range’s signature light refreshing scent to soothe and relax. The Margaret Dabbs range of foot products give a whole new experience to the consumer – products that really work, but are also a joy to use.