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linda meredith - queen of the facial

Haute Beauty skin care specialist, Linda Meredith is on first names with Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Colin Firth, Jude Law and an extensive ‘Hall of Fame’ star-studded list of celebrity clients.  Her clients regularly grace the ‘Red Carpet ‘at A-list premiers.  Preparation takes weeks of beauty pampering, detoxing facials and skin brightening treatments, which enable the stars to be high definition camera ready.  For the silver screen and TV, looking effortlessly ‘natural’ takes time and effort.  Every open pore on the skin is visible and skin must look flawless.  In the age of Botox and facial fillers, women flock to Linda’s beauty salon, in a bid to turn back the cruel hands of time.  Women all over the world make their way to the Linda Meredith salon, hidden discreetly behind Harrods.  For those in the know, it is bang opposite San Lorenzo restaurant, another favourite to the stars.

Linda Meredith and her hand-picked, highly skilled beauty therapists, tend to the VIP`s and all of the regular male and female clients, who are on an anti-ageing mission to stay young, with radiant, wrinkle-free skin.

“Feed your skin as you feed your body,” is Linda’s skin care mantra and her beauty mantras have become beauty bible to the beauty industry cognoscenti.  Sharing her expertise and wealth of knowledge, from over 40 years in the beauty industry, Linda has developed her own pioneering skin care line, thanks to years of “working on clients” and observing their “skin types that overlap, therefore each having their own unique problems.”